Meet, Tailor Tolliver

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA
Education/Major: Cybersecurity
Occupation: Security Analyst

Tailor is currently a Security Analyst in the DMV who works primarily in Information Security and Customer Service. Tailor works closely on government projects and must solve security vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently while explaining the process to non-technical officials. Tailor prepared for her Security Analyst role not only through school, but she spent much of her time teaching herself and building her own personal projects. “You never realize how much you’ve learned over time until it’s actually time to apply it and you realize how great it is to be good at your job.”

Tailor is self-driven and dedicates much of her time to building up her portfolio as well as making sure she completes the tasks on her to-do list for the day. She is organized and ready to execute! Although a superstar, we have some important questions to ask Tailor, first and foremost –

How did you get started coding?

I started coding in school but had been teaching myself HTML and CSS since I was a young girl. I learned HTML and CSS for my MySpace and Tumblr profiles just for fun and as I got older moved more into high-level programming. During my cybersecurity associates program, it was required to take a programming class. I learned how to code small programs in C and C++ and it was considered for the program at the time just in case anyone wanted to dive deeper into security programming such as designing security scanning systems, scripts for running certain software, and being able to hack code by understanding how it was built.

What are some resources you would encourage coders of color to take advantage of? (first and foremost)

I love Google for just about anything I need help researching. Youtube for a more visual approach to what I’m trying to research. Codeacademy for when I’m feeling like picking up a new language. Cybrary to pick up some new security knowledge and study for certifications in the field. Udemy to get cost-effective courses on subjects that I would like a deeper knowledge on from an expert. Medium when I’m looking to get inspired by those just like me who want to share their own experiences and expertise in the field.

The last question we have for our Digital Empress is – what attracts you the most to the tech industry? Tailor is most attracted to Cybersecurity due to the ability to constantly be solving problems and coming up with endless solutions to secure hardware, software and online data. She also mentions that unlike common misconception, she can get creative with how she solves problems and creates a safer online experience.